No Matter What Your Roofing Requirements, Trust Us to Do a Great Job


Commercial and industrial roof installation

We understand that every building is distinct when it comes to engineering, location, and the purpose it serves. As a result, we pay due attention to every minute detail to ensure that your new roof is optimized for the long haul. Some of the commercial and industrial flat roofing solutions we offer include EPDM, TPO & PVC, and modified bitumen.


Commercial and industrial roof repairs

Is your existing roof experiencing a leak? Have you noticed water pooling on your roof? Have you seen the growth of mold or algae? Are there signs of internal water damage? In any such case, your building’s roof might be in need of immediate attention. By addressing the problem at any early stage, you can avoid extensive damage and expensive repair work. The professionals at Lifetime Commercial Roofing analyze roof-related problems thoroughly, before providing suitable and reliable solutions.


Commercial and industrial roof maintenance

The benefits of roof maintenance are manifold. It extends the life of a roof, it prevents leaking and water-related damage, it minimizes costs by addressing problems as soon as they arise, and it ensures that the roof’s warranty holds good. Since your building’s roof plays that all-important role of protecting your personnel, materials, and equipment from nature’s elements, we make sure it holds the test of time.


Commercial and industrial roof coating and restoration

Roof coating gives you easy means to add to your existing roof’s durability and efficiency without going the roof replacement way. By choosing the right solution, you may be looking at average energy savings of 15% to 20%. Besides, it protects the roof against intrusion of moisture and limits its exposure to harmful UV rays that damage the roof’s membrane. We provide roof coating solutions for most types of commercial and industrial roof systems such as EPDM, concrete roof substrates, and TPO & PVC.


Community Buildings

We offer high quality flat roofing solutions for community buildings, provided they are owned by organizations and not part of a franchise. We work with a variety of community buildings such as schools, places of worship, office buildings, healthcare facilities, and retail centers.