Roof coating gives you easy means to add to your existing roof’s durability and efficiency without going the roof replacement way. By choosing the right solution, you may be looking at average energy savings of 15% to 20%. Besides, it protects the roof against intrusion of moisture and limits its exposure to harmful UV rays that damage the roof’s membrane. We provide roof coating solutions for most types of commercial and industrial roof systems such as EPDM, concrete roof substrates, and TPO & PVC.

Roof coating and restoration is one of the least expensive options to extend the life of your commercial or industrial roof by protecting the roof underneath from ongoing wear and tear. Roof coatings can be applied without increasing the load on the roof. Applying coating in white benefits your roof by reflecting UV rays, increasing the life of your roof, and keeping the roof cooler to decrease energy costs for your commercial or industrial facility below. Contact Lifetime Commercial Roofing to find out if coating or restoration would be a good fit for your commercial roof in Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Bronx and surrounding areas.

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